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Since 2008, EuropeanIssuers has been developing its advocacy activities and technical expertise. In the current political context, it has never been so important to place our focus on EU sustainable finance legislation. Stricter regulatory and reporting requirements for listed companies increase the cost of capital and may put at a disadvantage EU company competing globally.

The industry is facing a period of unprecedented change. Development of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) continues, with a clear focus on ESG matters and sustainability being at the core of the EU regulatory agenda, with new proposals and rules at an incessant pace. In this environment, publicly quoted companies (or publicly listed companies) need to think strategically, engage and prepare for the new political and regulatory landscape.

During this unique event, we will provide a forward-looking overview of the EU Sustainability regulatory developments, with a particular focus on Sustainability Reporting, and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. It will also offer a platform to exchange views and ensure that EU policy creates an environment in which companies of all sizes can easily raise capital through the public markets and deliver growth and jobs over the longer term. The event will provide “food for thought” regarding political and regulatory challenges and opportunities ahead. The Forum will attract more than 200 senior professionals from all over Europe, both in person and virtually. The one-day programme includes high profile speakers from various industries, EU Institutions, national governments and capital markets experts. It will bring together leading industry experts to discuss key policy areas shaping their future environment. The EuropeanIssuers Sustainability Reporting Conference 2023 will offer you opportunities in terms of business development and promotion towards influential EU policy makers from the European Institutions, national governments’ officials, high level corporate executives, trade associations and other stakeholders. This event is a great networking opportunity and will offer valuable insights in how EU policy making works.



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