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EuropeanIssuers Capital Markets Webinar Series 2022


16 June 2022 - EU Market Structure

Topic: EU Market Structure : How to make the EU markets accessible and fair for all?
14.00 - 15.30 (CET)

An efficient market structure is a prerequisite for a successful Capital Markets Union (CMU). The EU needs a market architecture that funds the economy in the most inclusive and fairest way for all investors and issuers. European regulations like MiFID II/MiFIR provide some tools to support this vision. However, whilst the CMU is striving to improve the funding of the economy and foster investment, capital markets still present significant challenges for issuers and investors. This webinar will discuss how to overcome these challenges and what the focus of MiFIR review should be to increase transparency and make markets accessible and fair for all investors, retail and professional.

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