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EuropeanIssuers, the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE) and the European Commission are delighted to announce that the following companies have been nominated for the European Small and Mid-Cap Awards 2023 across five categories:

Nominations for the category Rising Star:

Nominations for the category Star of 2023:

Nominations for the category International Star:

Nominations for the category Star of Innovation:

Nominations for Special Mention:

Rainer Riess, Director General of FESE, commented:

As FESE, we are delighted to see the success of small and mid-cap businesses that have accessed financing opportunities via EU public markets. These companies are the backbone of Europe’s economy, and their growth and success are crucial for the region's economic development. The SME Awards provide well-deserved recognition to these businesses, highlighting the benefits of listing on public exchanges. We congratulate the nominated companies on their achievements and encourage other SMEs to follow their lead in accessing public markets for growth opportunities.”

Florence Bindelle, Secretary General of EuropeanIssuers, added:

“EuropeanIssuers extends its sincere congratulations to these remarkable companies, applauding their exceptional contributions towards the EU's goals of job creation, competitiveness, and sustainable growth. Their achievements highlight the diverse landscape of European markets and exemplify the value of stock listings for SMEs and growth companies. May their journey be marked by continued success and prosperity.”

Details on those companies that reach the shortlist will be publicised after the summer break, with the winners to be announced at the Awards ceremony in Bilbao in November.

Please note that the nominated companies for each category are listed in alphabetical order.