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EuropeanIssuers Capital Markets Webinar Series 2021

18 March 2021 - How Can the Capital Markets Union New Action Plan Boost Europe's Economic Recovery?

11 May 2021 - Sustainable Corporate Governance: Do the Corporate Governance Codes Promote European Companies’ Sustainability?

21 September 2021 - EU Digital Single Market: the Impact of Brexit and Ensuring Harmonised Rules throughout Europe (tbc)

04 November 2021 - EU Green Deal: Implications for the Financial Regulations and Issuers (tbc)


The creation of a Capital Markets Union (CMU) has become even more important following the Covid-19 pandemic Capital markets can help to facilitate the urgent need for recapitalisation of European companies. But this can only happen, if sound capital markets exist within the European Union. With the UK as the biggest capital market in Europe leaving the EU, efforts need to be taken to foster European capital markets. In this context, the CMU New Action Plan was released on September 2020.

In this webinar, high level representatives of the EU institutions, the issuers` community  and leading public affairs consultancy firms will discuss the action points the EU Commission has laid out for the forthcoming years. A special focus will be drawn to  primary and secondary equity markets in the EU and how to provide a better environment for listing of companies of different sizes.

 Moderator: Max Lück, Co-Chair of Capital Markets Union Working Group, EuropeanIssuers


  • Tatyana Panova, Head of Unit B1 - Capital Markets Union, DG FISMA, European Commission
  • Adam Kostyál, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq 
  • Philippe Lambrecht, Director-Secretary General and Executive Manager, VBO-FEB
  • Dr Luis Correira de Silva, Partner, Oxera

This webinar session is sponsored by Nasdaq.

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